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The butai will be on 21st - 24th July ^^
Infomation about the Lincoln Center Festival here, pictures here.
Wish all people who can go there, a great time =)
9th-Jan-2011 07:23 pm - Sexy Go-kun <3
Do someone has this video in a better quality?

credit by aoixgo ^^
19th-Apr-2010 09:42 pm - Go's tattoos
Hi guys ^^
Do you know if Go has really a tattoo on his back? Or is this a photoshop?

This pic is from gazoudaisuki ^-^
17th-Aug-2009 07:54 am - Go Icons! :D
MIYAKE :: Glasses
My first post here! ^ ^ Hopefully I'm doing this right lol

  • Oguri Shun (1)

  • Super Junior (2)

  • Aiba Masaki (3-6)

  • TOKIO (7-8)

  • Domoto Tsuyoshi (9)

  • Domoto Koichi + Imai Tsubasa (10)

  • Imai Tsubasa (11-16)

  • Inohara Yoshihiko or just Inocchi lol (17-18)

  • Coming Century (19-20)

  • Morita Go (21-23)

  • Okada Junichi (24-28)

  • Miyake Ken (29-40)


All over HERE @ My LJ! :D

x-posted in other comms. My apologies ahead of time. m(_ _)m
Code: Geass; Suzaku Kururugi

I noticed that nobody shared TOKIO dream challenge thing with Go in it. I figure some people would like to see this, I know I enjoyed watching it(:

Go looks good in the soccer jersey<333

So, Taichi recruits JE's Soccer Players ...Collapse )

15th-Sep-2008 09:35 pm - [scans] Duet 2008-10

Get them here.

Hope you'll enjoy it ^^

27th-Oct-2007 12:02 pm - Morita Go Moodthemes!
Tanaka Koki
First post lah~! As you can tell from my username *ahem* I'm a huge morita fan. I tried to make a moodtheme set, of him. It's not the best truthfully, but Im actually quite proud of it!

9th-Aug-2007 02:07 pm - V6 Manga Miracle Road
Hello everybody, I`m new in this community *^-^* 
Here are scans from the "Morita Go no baai" chapter. It`s the second chapter from the "Miracle Road" manga ^.^ Kawaii desu ne~??
Please comment :D
13th-Jun-2007 08:50 pm - [request]

does anyone have "Naporitan" by Trio the Shakeen, from Kuitan 2? their CD was released like on May 30th I think.
if anyone can share the song, that'll be soo awesome! :D
4th-Jun-2007 11:59 pm - Wink Up 2004 May issue - Morita Go
Juri in Spring Mood
Hi all, 

Thought I will just post this as it's Go's article I am doing a tranlation on.  Just a little contribution here.
~ Enjoy Reading ~

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